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You are almost ready to place the best cricket wagers! But first, you need to learn about the five main types of bets. Choose the ones that suit you better and watch your payouts grow!

Match outcome

As with practically any other sport, the most popular type of online cricket betting is the match outcome Betting News explains.

On matches with limited overs, there are just two possible results. Team A wins and team B loses, or team B wins and team A loses. However, in test matches, there is a third possible outcome, the draw.

You can bet on the series outcome almost exactly as you do on the match outcome. In addition to betting on the winner of the entire series, you can bet on the precise score.

To bet intelligently, you need to remember that draws are becoming less and less frequent in test matches. Only poor weather conditions and a flat pitch tend to block a positive result for either side.

postimage The5TypesofCricketBetsEveryBettorShouldKnowAbout batterback - The 5 Types of Cricket Bets Every Bettor Should Know About

Leading run scorer

Within the outcomes of the matches and the series, you can also bet on the leading run scorer in each inning or match, as well as on the leading wicket-taker.

The odds are often highly profitable. If you pay close attention to the trends, you will be able to get a grasp on which factors contribute to a player being the leading run scorer or wicket-taker.

Highest opening partnership

The highest opening partnership is a less explored betting market, but it can be very interesting and lucrative. It is quite common that a specific batsman tends to struggle against a particular bowler.

If you do some research on how different batters perform when put opposite different bowlers, you can scoop very significant winnings from the highest opening partnership bet.

Man of the match

Just like any sport, cricket has those special players who have what it takes to deliver a performance that stands higher than that of most of their peers.

Sometimes, these players are the ultimate contributors for their team’s win. Just to cite one example, a bowler who can take multiple wickets is a truly strong candidate to get you money in the man of the match bet.

postimage The5TypesofCricketBetsEveryBettorShouldKnowAbout throwball - The 5 Types of Cricket Bets Every Bettor Should Know About

Number of boundaries

The number of boundaries bet is another growing market for cricket bettors. When you bet on the number of boundaries, you are betting on the total fours and sixes that are scored.

Some sides are packed with players who easily hit sixes. Others have batters who look to hit fours.

As a bettor, you need to think about the locations that are most suited to hit sixes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

They include Christchurch in New Zealand because of the small playing space, and Johannesburg in South Africa due to the high altitudes.

All these types of cricket bets have advantages. But to really succeed, you need to study how each bet works and learn to strategize.

The three main internationally recognized formats of cricket are test cricket, one day cricket and T20 cricket. Before we can start giving you all the info you need to bet on these formats online, we must explain what differentiates them.

Test cricket

Test cricket is the oldest format of cricket. It is played over five days. However, there is still the potential for the match to end up in a draw.

One day cricket

This form of cricket revolutionized the sport. It was popularized in the 1970s. As the name suggests, this format is only played in one day. There are 50 overs for each team.

postimage WhatYouShouldKnowAboutBettingOnlineontheMainCricketFormats laptopandhand - What You Should Know About Betting Online on the Main Cricket Formats

T20 cricket

The last format only came to be introduced in the 2000s. It focuses on the excitement and the rush. T20 Cricket is scheduled to be played only outside the office and school hours, over one afternoon or evening. There are 20 overs for each team.

Betting on test cricket online

Test matches offer plenty of time to come up with a strong betting strategy. Each test match has 15 sessions. In each of the five days, there are 90 overs.

Over the five days of play, the set of conditions that impact the performance can be extremely varied. By the fourth day, the pitch is often scuffed and torn, which makes batting more difficult.

On the other hand, it gives bowlers the opportunity to wear the batsmen down with different bounces and turns.

When the weather is cloudy and humid, batting is also particularly tough. However, clear weather conditions during the afternoon can easily tip the balance.

These are just two of the countless examples. As the five days of the match can present dozens of playing scenarios, cricketers need to be adaptable and resistant.

From one day to the other, or even from session to session, betting odds can be vastly different. Logically, your online betting strategy needs to be adjusted constantly.

You need to be able to predict how various conditions impact player and team performance.

The most popular online betting odds for cricket are arguably the ones for the Ashes. This is a five-match test series hosted by each country every four years. The Ashes wagers the most amount of money in any test series.

Other popular series you should consider betting on online is the Basil D’Oliveira Trophy and the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

postimage WhatYouShouldKnowAboutBettingOnlineontheMainCricketFormats manbatter - What You Should Know About Betting Online on the Main Cricket Formats

Betting on one day cricket online

One day cricket matches are extremely popular in the Middle East and across Asia. They often attract more spectators, media coverage and bettors than test cricket.

In one day, cricket, there are some restrictions that make the rules significantly different than those of test cricket. They are mostly placed upon the captains. Naturally, you need to consider them when betting online.

The one-day cricket series commonly consist of five matches. The Tri-series present some interesting games to bet on. Three teams play one another two times before the final.

The International Cricket Council has two tournaments for one day cricket, the Champions Trophy and the Cricket World Cup. These events attract a massive number of bettors. You should check out the online betting options for them, too.

On an article coming very soon, we will go over how to bet online on the third main cricket format: T20 cricket.

Did you know that scientific studies show that a cricketer who changes a batting stance performs better? Logically, if a player is left-handed, it would be easier for him to experiment on changing his stance from left to right batting.

Left-handed Indian cricketers

Here are the 6 left-handed Indian cricket batters who have the potential to perform better, since they can incorporate both left and right batting. Therefore, they are well worth your bet.

Shikhar Dhawan

This player is also known as Gabbar or Jatt-jee. He is 33 years old and plays as the opening batsman. He is a left-handed batter but uses his right arm when bowling. Gabbar’s T20I shirt number is 25. His handlebar moustache adds up to his popularity.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja has the nickname Rockstar and is a 30-year-old all-rounder. He uses his left arm for both batting and bowling. He is 5’7 and wears the shirt number 8 in T20I. Curiously, Rockstar’s father, a former watchman, wanted him to be an army officer.

postimage 6LeftHandedIndianCricketBattersWhoAreWorthYourBet leftbatter - 6 Left-Handed Indian Cricket Batters Who Are Worth Your Bet

Krunal Pandya

Krunal Himanshu Pandya is 28 years old and is an all-rounder. He uses his left arm for batting and bowling. Last November, Pandya made his international debut for the Indian cricket team.

Washington Sundar

At only 19 years old, Sundar is one of the youngest players in the Indian cricket team. He is a bowling all-rounder. He uses his right arm for bowling, but the left arm for batting.

Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Rajendra Pant was born in October 1997. He is a wicket-keeper batsman and uses his left hand for batting. On January 2019, Pant received the Emerging Player of the Year award from the International Cricket Council.

Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav is 24 years old and is a bowler in the Indian cricket team. He is a left-handed batter, while his bowling style is slow and also uses the left arm.

These Indian cricket players have a 90% chance of improving their performance when they include a change in batting style from left to right.

Because of this, we at highly suggest that our online cricket bettors place a bet on one or several of these left-handed Indian cricket players for a higher probability of winning.

The other question you might have right now is why you should bet on Indian cricket players. Well, check out the 2019 International Cricket Council rankings for the India national cricket team.

ICC team rankings

Here is how the India national cricket team stands in the ICC team rankings.

Men’s test team ranking

India ranks number 1 out of 10 teams worldwide in the men’s test team ranking.

Men’s One Day International team ranking

India ranks 2nd in the One Day International ranking.

Men’s T20I team rankings

India also ranks 2nd in the T20I ranking.

With the information we gave you, we vouch that you can have higher chances of winning your online cricket bets.

Stick around because, as you follow, you will get many more articles packed with the best betting tips from Drive Cricket.

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