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As a cricket bettor in the US, you need to learn about the significance of the sport in the country and the best sites to bet. Follow along!

The popularity of cricket in the US

Although it is not as popular as football or basketball, cricket has a growing and devoted fan base in the United States. Efforts have been underway to establish a professional league in the country.

There are thousands of cricketers in the US, whose activity is overseen by an official American cricket association. The governing body is a member of the International Cricket Council ever since the 1960s.

Some regional tournaments have been created across the nation. There are more than 25,000 registered players and 50 amateur leagues.

As you can see, cricket is more beloved by American athletes, fans and bettors than many people imagine.

postimage 2ThingstoKnowAboutCricketintheUSandthe3BestSitestoBetontheSport manonline - 2 Things to Know About Cricket in the US and the 3 Best Sites to Bet on the Sport

Cricket competition in the US

The nation has been a part of several events organized by the International Cricket Council. The first year the United States participated in the Trophy Tournament was 1979.

In 2004, the country even moved on to the final of the Six Nations Tournament disputed in the United Arab Emirates. That same year, the United States won the Champions Trophy.

Domestically, each city that composes the Amateur City Leagues has their own cricket league. Detroit is the largest, with 30 teams.

As there is not a professional league in the country, all of the existing ones are private. Other popular leagues include the Pro Cricket and the American T20 Championship.

The 3 best sites to bet on cricket in the United States

Take a look at the sites we recommend to place your cricket bets legally and smoothly in the United States.


Bovada is arguably the best and most comprehensive gambling site for bettors across all sports in the United States.

The platform offers some of the most enticing welcoming bonuses and promotions. The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Perhaps the greatest advantage for cricket bettors is that Bovada has betting options available for both domestic and international matches.

postimage 2ThingstoKnowAboutCricketintheUSandthe3BestSitestoBetontheSport onlinebetman - 2 Things to Know About Cricket in the US and the 3 Best Sites to Bet on the Sport

Bet Online

Since 2004, this betting site tailors exclusively to American bettors. Not surprisingly, Bet Online is one of the largest gambling platforms in the United States.

The site enjoys a solid reputation among the online gambling community as it offers top-quality services.

You are awarded a very generous bonus once you sign up. And you can also access a variety of casino games.

The cricket selection is limited, although Bet Online has some of the most high-paying odds.

5 Dimes

As with Bet Online, North-American bettors are especially catered for on 5 Dimes. Although the site serves virtually any other country, only US dollars are accepted.

The selection of cricket betting options is very good, with high potential winnings. You can also browse through several other exciting games.

You get a welcoming bonus of 250 dollars to bet on mobile and in-play. The navigation is highly intuitive and the customer care is impeccable.

Another top advantage is that, besides credit cards, 5 Dimes accepts crypto coins, debit cards and checks.

Go ahead and register on these sites to start betting on cricket today!

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